Talks Podcasts/Radio A Program About Planning ep. 3: Pay to Bay 12/2020 The Matthew Filipowicz Show ep. 414 3/2015 Bitch Radio: Talking Trans and Queer Embodiment and Imprisonment with the Contributors of Captive Genders 1/2012

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THE CULTUREBAY AREADISABILITYEDUCATIONHOUSINGTRANS/QUEERPRISONS The Culture See You in Hell: A Queer Artist’s Work Resists the Gender Binarythem. 9/7/2018 Cautious living: Black trans women and the politics of documentationTrap Door: Trans Cultural Production and the Politics of Visibility (MIT Press/New Museum), 2017 New Film Chronicles Life of Transgender Trailblazer Miss MajorTruthout, 11/9/2015 Are Humans the QueerestContinue reading “↬ Archives”

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